Sunday, 22 April 2012

April PAD 22: Delicate


Burrow here, little one,
and rise with the sun.
Spread your roots
far and wide.

Settle here, little one,
spring has just begun.
The winds will be
on your side.

Danger there, little one,
if you forget how you’ve come
to the ground
in which you reside.

Flourish here, little one,
before your time is done.
Toward the sun
you will always strive.

Prompt: Write a poem about a plant


The prompt over at Poetic Asides was to write about judging. I did that yesterday so I challenged myself to this Earth Day themed prompt on I hope you all enjoy!


  1. This was perfect- I loved it. Thanks!

  2. Really? Thanks! I sometimes don't know how rhyming will be received but I am glad you thought it was "perfect"! YAY!